You Can’t But GOD Can!

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What a person cannot do but God can.

This is the first paragraph from the tract.          So You Can't But GOD Can!many people carry a load of guilt, guilt brought on by sin; it’s like a heavy sack on their back and it’s weighing them down and, try as hard as they may, they cannot rid themselves of it. To get relief people turn to drugs, alcohol, psychological therapy, religious therapy, or perhaps become a workaholic so that they don’t have time to dwell on their problems. In spite of their best efforts, the problem persists and they feel they are being drowned by it. The person who turned to drugs only needs more drugs. The one who turned to alcohol became an alcoholic; psychological therapy could only treat the symptom but not the cause. Religious therapy helps to some degree but, like the psychological therapy, it only treats the symptom but not the cause. For the workaholic, when the lights are turned off at night, the problem is still there. People going through life needlessly carrying a load of guilt and trying everything and anything to be rid of it. In spite of their efforts they cannot rid themselves of the heave load they carry and find rest for their soul. As the title of this pamphlet says, “You Can’t But God Can!”   . . . . . .

This is a 6-page tract printed on 20# white paper and, when folded, the finished size is approximately 3.5″ x 5.”

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