The Fountain Of Youth

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Deals with restoration of youth and immortality.

The Fountain Of YouthWanting to have their youth restored, hundreds of people, perhaps even thousands, have searched for what is called, “The Fountain of Youth.” As far back as the fifth century there have been stories that the fabled fountain exists. These stories have appeared in many writings and various paintings have created that reflect what the painter imagined it might look like. Among those looking for this fountain, it is alleged, was Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer in the sixteenth century. Supposedly, Ponce de León traveled to what is now Florida where some Indians told him where the Fountain of Youth was. They told him that it could restore youth to anyone. In the many and varied stories told, it was alleged that all a person needed to do was to drink or bathe in the fountain. The idea behind the legendary Fountain of Youth was, by having youth restored, to increase the longevity of life, perhaps even to the point of making one immortal.
In recent years there have been many who lived to the well advanced years of one hundred and more but, in the end, they did die. You see,. . . . . .


This is a  6-page Gospel tract that is printed on 20# white paper and measures approximately 3.5″ x 5″ when folded.

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