Thank You Officer!

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A Gospel tract written especially for law enforcement personnel.

Thank You OfficerThose of you in law enforcement are often taken for granted, maligned, unappreciated, and yes, abused and killed. There was a time in America when law enforcement personnel were held in high regard by just about everyone and, they received the respect they deserved. Every day you, as a law enforcement officer, go about your duty of trying to enforce the law and, in the course of doing so, it is not unusual for you to assist a motorist or pedestrian in need. Many kind deeds by an officer are never publicized for whatever reason. More and more officers are abused and sometimes killed for no other reason than that of being a police officer. Certainly, you do pay a price for being a police officer as does your family; so, to you and your family we want to say a very big, THANK YOU! There are multitudes of people all across this great country of ours that really appreciate your service in spite of a bunch of radicals. As a police officer, you are called upon to go to a place you would rather not go, to perform a duty that you would rather not have to perform, but you do your duty and you go. Thank you for your dedication to your job and the sacrifice you make.
There is another person who has made a great sacrifice, not only for those of us here in America, but for people all over the world. That person is Jesus Christ, the One identified in the Bible as the Son of God, the Messiah (anointed one). As God the Son, Jesus Christ left Heaven and took to Himself the form of man for one specific purpose and, that purpose was…….

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