Reformation or Transformation

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Deals with being reformed or transformed. Being reformed is outward while being transformed in inward, of the heart.

Reformation or TransformationThe following is an excerpt from this tract:

We live in a world full of problems and the crime, drug, and alcohol epidemics are out of control and, to make things even worse, political corruption knows no limits. The evil influence of Hollywood has saturated just about every moral fiber of life. Sexual promiscuity continues to destroy the lives of people of all ages, even those of pre-teen years. There are people who see the problem and honestly want to do something about it. They want to try to stop this by reforming those involved. To “reform” simply means {1}  ”to put or change into an improved form or condition;” {2} “to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses”; {3} “to put an end to (an evil) by enforcing or introducing a better method or course of action.” On the surface, all of this seems noble, but there is just one problem with it – it only treats the symptom and not the cause. A person who has been “reformed” is like one who changes his smelly clothes but does not take a bath. To reform a person only changes the external {outside} but what he really needs is a change from within, a “heart change.”

The “heart change” is where a transformation takes place, so to speak. “Renovation means, “restore to a good state of repair.” In other words, dilapidated buildings or poorly maintained houses are sometimes considered to be in a state of disrepair. To renovate a house or building means to resurrect that structure from a state of disrepair. Renovations can often be subtle, improving on the existing building or house. Or, they can be drastic, much like a remodel. Remember construction involving renovation often refers to “restoring” or “repairing” an existing structure” {–copied from a building contractor entry}

What people in this world NEED is not to be “reformed” but to be “transformed” and that comes from being spiritually “renovated.” It is difficult to explain in such a small pamphlet but I shall try to be brief.

This is a 6-page tract printed on 20# white paper and, when folded, has a finished size of approximately 3.5″ x 5.”

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