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A tract about the salvation of a Russian thief.

GreaseyIt was 1897 in Russia and, because of several bad harvests, several families considered moving to Siberia to try and start over. Some land was found in the government of Tomsk, so several families family sold their land and made the move. Among the families was the Tichomirow family, a husband and wife along with their two children, ten-year-old Shura (Alexandra) and eight-year-old Pasha (Paul). It was a harsh winter and the trains made slow headway as there were long stops; the moving farmers had to wait weeks to get trains and would spend days and nights in railroad stations. As a result of several unfortunate circumstances, Mr. Tichomirow contracted cholera and died. Days later Mrs. Tichomirow also died; the children were now alone. While the parents were in a special place for people with infectious diseases, the children found refuge behind the snow fences along the railroad tracks. Shura and Pasha tried in vain to find out about their mother but were always driven away from the building she was in. Eventually a guard told them the fate of the parents. Returning to where they had been staying behind the snow fences, what little baggage they had was gone; someone had taken it! The children were devastated! Daily they tried to find out where the parents were buried but were always driven away; at night they would return to their refuge behind the snow fences. Eventually they decided to follow the railroad to the next town to beg for bread; an unknown uniformed guard appeared and, what happened next was absolutely  heart breaking; the children were separated and sent to different orphanages that were miles apart.
The condition of the orphanage Pasha was in was such that he could not stay there; he just had to get away, and get away he did as he ran away. He had hoped to find his way back to his home village of Sosnovka. He would beg for food but, with the exception of one village, he avoided homesteads. Pasha ended up deep in the woods of a forest and while asleep one night, he was awakened by a loud voice. The loud voice was that of a robber who was just one of many who lived in the forest. The robbers took Pasha to live with them and because he was so dirty and greasy, they decided to name him Greasy. By the time he was sixteen-years-old,  he was taking a lively part in the robberies and plundering of the band.  . . . .

The tract is based on the story of “Greasy the Robber” which is available in booklet form. This is a 6-page tract printed on 20# white paper and, when folded, has a finished size of approximately 3.5″ x 5.”


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