Gospel Tracts and Changed Lives

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A book about hos God used Gospel tracts in the lives of people.

Changed Lives CoverThe printing press became instrumental in the field of printing and Christian literature has tremendously benefited from it. Turning our attention to Christian literature, let us consider the small and often underestimated pamphlet commonly called a Gospel tract. Gospel tracts {GT for short} and how the Lord has seen fit to use them is the subject of this book. As readers weave their way through the book, they will read the testimonies of people who came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ because of a GT. They will read how lives were changed and reasons to use tracts. Occasionally some articles in this book may repeat or overlap something said in another section; that will be on purpose. In between the various testimonies of people throughout the book, tidbits of information will be included.

Every so often, as the editor of this book, I will refer to myself in the third person and other times in the first person; the reasons for that will be obvious.

In looking for credible stories or testimonies of how the Lord used GT in the lives of people, I did a lot of Internet research. In editing this book, I tried to use discretion for anything gleaned from these searches and, in doing so, have tried to avoid any plagiarism or using copyrighted material. Where possible and to be ethical, permission was secured from the respective writer for the use of his or her testimony. For some of the testimonies used, no last name or contact information was available. There is no particular order of sequence for the testimonies in this book.

Many of the testimonies or articles used were in need of a few minor changes in grammar, such as punctuations or spelling errors. Because every writer has his or her own style of writing and phraseology, as the editor of this book, I have tried to maintain that except for, a few minor changes as already mentioned.

The main objective in this book is to try and somehow impress upon the reader how the Lord has used the printed page, Gospel tracts in particular, for the salvation of lost souls. If the blessed Holy Spirit moves upon the heart of just one reader to begin using tracts, then the writing of this book will have been worth it.

This book is approximately 139-pages and has true stories about how God used Gospel tracts in the lives of people; some for salvation and others who, though already saved but fallen away from the Lord, to draw them back to Himself.


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