Christmas Season Again!

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A tract explaining what Christmas is really all about.

Christmas Season Again!Well, here we go again; the Christmas season has begun! A couple months before Christmas stores were already stocking their shelves with Christmas items. Then, before Thanksgiving, businesses were advertising their “Black Friday” sales and telling people they could save early. Then comes the actual Black Friday sales event and, from news headlines, one must wonder if the Christmas spirit even exists anymore. A few news headlines read: SEASON’S BEATINGS: Shoppers punch, kick, scream; Baby hit with shoe…; One shot outside mall, brawls shut another…; BLACK FRIDAY SMACKDOWN: Men squabble over toy car…; And the chaos goes global…; Customers wear employee uniforms to sneak in to stores! And so it goes. People frantically shop for that perfect gift, try to save money on what they buy as they run from store to store. Many stores will play Christmas music but for some businesses, employees are not permitted to say “Merry Christmas” because to do so, that is not politically correct. The politically correct greeting is “Happy Holidays.” Christmas – do people even know what Christmas is all about any more?

The above is the first paragraph from the tract, “Christmas Season Again!” This is a 6-page tract printed on 20# white paper and, when folded, has a finished size of approximately 3.5″ x 5.”


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